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Nurturing and inspiring academic excellence through the arts. Open enrollment now available.

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Welcome to Nevada City School of the Arts

NCSA is a public charter school serving Kindergarten-8th grade students throughout Nevada County, California. The shared vision of our school is to provide a rigorous academic environment, using art as a lens to shape curriculum.

“The Arts—Music, Dance, Theater, and the Visual Arts—are crucial to the complete education of a child. Their practice, understanding and appreciation are essential to human experience and learning itself. Participation in the arts fosters a balanced and enriched life and engenders a commitment to excellence. The Arts are not simply a means; they are an end in themselves. The Arts make us human and whole”. – NCSA Philosophy Statement 


It’s just around the corner!

A Matter of Taste,where the wine is robust, the food delicious, the items alluring and the party unparalleled.

For 15 years our community has gathered to celebrate and support the Nevada City School of the Arts comprehensive arts and environmental programs while at the same time enjoying a whimsical and elegant evening with friends.

We are currently gathering donations of items, services, recreational opportunities and art, from the practical, to the unconventional, to the fanciful! Click here if you’d like to add your ingredient to the mix that makes our silent and live auction so tempting.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!  Bid High & Bid Often!  Join Us!