Every year at AMOT we have “Count Me In!” items, Count Me In items are opportunities to help support NCSA without bringing home stuff from the auction. Choose your favorite Count Me In! item, or give a little to both! Our theater, piano lab, easels, Orff Instruments, Butterfly Bench, School Sign, iPad lab and more, have all resulted from a Count Me In! at A Matter of Taste!

HELP! We didn't reach our goals for our fabulous Count Me In items at A Matter of Taste! If you missed the bid sheets, or you weren't able to attend, we're extending this through the end of April.  Contributions can be made online HERE or during our Remains of the Day auction or, give your donation to the receptionist at either campus.

With 10 LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Core Sets NCSA will be able to deliver key science content to second through fourth-grade students, and support a clear, easy-to-follow journey through subjects, including: math, life, physical, earth and space sciences, and engineering!


We raised half of the money we need to purchase the sets at AMOT, please help the students at Nevada City School of the Arts excel! Donate today so we can reach our goal!!

Goal: $1,800.

This Count Me In! helps to purchase the trees, plants and soil amendments. Donors will be thanked on a garden plaque and our campus will be more beautiful than ever.
Trees: Acer Rubrum, Arbutus Marina, Bay Laurel, Camphor, Chinese Dogwood
Shrubs: Pineapple Guava, Ceanothus, Silverberry, Grevillea
Ground Cover and Small Plants: Salvia Gregii, Salvia Sonomensis, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Manzanita, Goji Berry, Huckleberry, Blueberry, Toyon, Milk Weed.


Special thanks to Kurt Wahi of Kurt’s Garden, East Main St. Grass Valley.
Goal: $2,000.

  • 10 LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Core Sets Goal: $1,800.


  • Landscape Our Beloved Hill and Newly Installed Playground Goal: $2000.