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Dear NCSA Families,

Despite the diligent efforts by our facilities and food service staff members throughout the summer break, NCSA’s Kitchen in Building 9 is not yet ready to begin hot lunch service. We will begin offering our own scratch-cooked school meals as soon as possible, but in the meantime, please use the provided lunch form to order lunches as needed from our wonderful Miner Moe’s. Round Up your total to help your neighbor with their lunch!

Upper campus lunch orders:

Lower campus lunch orders:

273-7736 ext “2”

*Please check the activities calendar for field studies and events

Make your lunch payment online!

Fill out the paper version of your lunch order form, turn it into your student’s teacher or the office.

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February Menu

Monday– Calzones $4.00, Salads- side salad $1.50, entree’ salad $3.00 add chicken $1.00

Tuesday– Burrito or burrito bowl $3.50 add chicken $1.00 add salsa $.50, Salads- side salad $1.50, entree’ salad $3.00 add chicken $1.00

Wednesday Pizza $2.00  and GF Pizza $3.00, Salads- side salad $1.50, entree’ salad $3.00 add chicken $1.00

Thursday Mac and Cheese or Pesto Pasta $3.50, Salads- side salad $1.50, entree’ salad $3.00 add chicken $1.00

Please note the following:

  • We do not serve hot lunch on Fridays, please send your child to school with extra snacks.
  • Please double check the school calendar for field study dates and order accordingly.  We order in advance and are unable to do last minute refunds.






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