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Camille Hollingshead began at NCSA in 2018 as the 6th English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher for the Middle School. She has a strong background in the visual arts and runs a professional art studio practice in addition to being an educator. She studied the arts during her undergrad at San Francisco State University and received her teaching credentials from Cal State Long Beach. Her experiences have led her to value and celebrate collaborative learning environments that encourage fearless leadership. In her class, students hone their speaking and writing skills and discover ancient civilizations. She excited to welcome this year’s 6th graders to build a family where they work together to reach educational goals.


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Language Arts

This year we will be focusing on becoming the best communicators possible!  This means lots of presentations, writing, and speaking practice. Non-verbals are also a big part of communication and we consider these part of our language. These three areas serve as pillars of a solid Language Arts foundation. At the end of this year, students will have had ample practice with them and will have worked towards master of these skills (4/4).



Incoming sixth graders are expected to know how to write a solid paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence.  Most also have experience writing multiple paragraphs but may lack the ability to write cohesively or clearly. Some may also harbor a great deal of anxiety around the idea of writing a paper.  We will meet this fear head-on and hone the skill of writing a cohesive, functional essay. By the end of this year, students will be able to summarize, inform, and use research to support their claims. We encourage family help with editing and refining essays, as even the professional writers higher editors! We will also be starting our three year autobiography project in 6th grade, allowing our students to interview family members, learn about their ancestors past, and write their personal narratives. Each year, they will add on to their books until 8th grade graduation.



Reading: Our class will be reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and Touching Spirit Bear this year. They will also  be required to bring their own reading books to class everyday. Homework each night will include 30 min of reading. Since middle school has more homework, it is easy for students to push this 30 min aside, but is is more important than ever to encourage their discovery of books and different genres.


Social Studies


We will take a look at language and how it has played out over the course of our history as human beings. We use inquiry and inferencing to delve into the world of ancient civilizations. Our focus will be on studying ancient civilizations through their economy, religion, social class, achievements, leadership/government, and geography. First we will start with the Stone Age, work our way through ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and possibly ancient China!  Each unit we will incorporate and collaborate with our arts and music teachers to bring a well rounded arts integrated curriculum to our students. We will practice our mapping skills and learn all about the mysterious world of the ancient humans. Students will study daily life, survival skills, tool making, elements of civilization, architecture, irrigation, medicine, and religion during ancient times. We will have a couple of big class events revolving around the social studies units and we love when our 6th grade parents are willing to help organize and add to our classroom fun!





Yes, we have homework! On a daily, students will have 30 min of their personal novels or current class book to read each night. Other homework will include diligently working on essay writing, book reports, book reading logs, finishing assignments that were done in class, completing test study guides, studying for tests and quizzes, independent class projects, and completing classwork that a student was absent for. Estimate your child to have at least an hour's worth of homework each day after school.  We will be using the Seth Perler method to teach our students how to stay organized and on top of their studies. One of the key ingredients is having an allocated quiet homework area just for them, at home. Encouraging an everyday homework hour routine after school will help everyone get in the flow of planning and completing assignments on time with no stress. When students fall behind on homework it creates a lot of unneeded anxiety to catch up, staying on top of assignments is easier than ever with google classroom, even when your child is absent! Parent emails will be added as guardians of their google classroom accounts and you will receive weekly updates of assignments. With our new Snergy grading system you should be able to see what assignments are missing.  I also have a day by day google folder that I will share at the beginning of the year, this folder contains the class agenda for each day we have main lesson classes. This is the agenda the students have at their table groups, and the agenda we look at before and during lessons. It is important to bookmark that folder to help students who have been absent, or support students who need more guidance at home with their studies. It takes three of us: the teacher, the student, and the parents/guardians all to work together to guide our students into a solid routine of having homework, completing it at home, and coming to class prepared.






Due to COVID 19 NCSA will not be taking field trips for the 2020-21 school year.  Hopefully, these trips will resume next year.

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