Meet the fantastic teachers of NCSA

Nicole Hayes
Dragonfly Transitional Kindergarten

The Transitional Kindergarten year is all about developing the social-emotional skills and self-awareness of each student so that he/she may enter into the Kindergarten year as self-directed and enthusiastic students.
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Rachel Martino
Hummingbird Kindergarten

In Kindergarten we strive to show loving kindness to one another throughout our day.There are 20 students in our morning’s only kindergarten class. We have an aide to help us with small group work and many parent volunteers.

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Linda Toll
Ladybug Kindergarten

We gather each morning to sing songs, recite poems, count the days on the calendar and talk about our day. Next we move into small group instruction of the curriculum. Alphabet study, math skills, writing and reading are practiced at this time followed by outdoor play, snack and story time.  Students receive art instruction twice a week. Movement and music classes are once a week. We end the day with a choice of blocks, drawing, painting, and creative play. Everyone shares in caring for the classroom.

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Brittani Brackett
1st Grade

First grade will consist of introducing students into learning as they begin to develop a love of stories, children’s literature, reader’s theater, authentic thinking, problem-solving, artistic expression, and compassion. We will learn Sign Language and sing together. We will dance and move together.While students will grow exponentially over the course of the school year in their academics, I place a huge emphasis on students’ social and emotional well-being as well. 1st Grade
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Danielle Morey
1st Grade Helping Hands

In the Helping Hands class, we pride ourselves on our strong sense of family and community. We have virtues that we discuss and practice on a daily basis. We have a small class size of 22 students as well as an instructional aide. In the first grade, students build confidence, critical thinking, and leadership skills.

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Hayley Baumgartner
2nd Grade Planet Protectors

There are 20 students in our class.  We have one aide who helps throughout our day.  We hold literacy reading class in small groups and math in both small and whole group depending upon the activity.  We do many science lessons and often enjoy them with our second-grade partner class.  We are a class of authors writing daily.

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Hannah Pierce
2nd Grade

This is Miss Pierce’s first of many years with NCSA! She’s so excited to be a part of a
school and community that values so many of the same things she does. There are 20 students in our class. We have one aide who helps throughout our day. We hold literacy reading class in small groups and math in both small and whole group depending upon the activity. We do many science lessons and often enjoy them with our second-grade partner class. We are a class of authors writing daily.

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Carrie Morgan
3rd Gryphon Class

By exploring the curriculum in a hands-on manner, academic knowledge becomes more meaningful and more memorable. Our class goes on several field trips each year. Art and movement are incorporated into each and every subject to promote creative, happy and freethinking individuals while also keeping learning meaningful and fun!

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Maria DiCintio
3rd Grade Dragons

This is a year of enormous growth. This is the year the students enter a larger world and take our first overnight field trip the end of the year.

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Mrs. Criss-Harvey
4th Grade Innovators

Welcome to fourth grade! We are going to have a great year, full of learning and fun.

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Lori Spencer
4th Explorers

We are a class of 26 students who enjoy exploring our world. This year we are exploring the 5th-grade social studies curriculum of the United States.  We learn about the geography and the historical events that shaped our nations through hands-on and interactive studies. As an art school, we incorporate the arts in social studies, language arts and science.

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Danielle Yzaguirre
5th Grade

Welcome to 5th grade! My name is Danielle Yzaguirre (Is-a- gear-ee) and I have been a teacher for over 16 years. I love teaching 5th grade and I know that we will have a great time together this year!

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Peter Brennan
5th Grade

Welcome to the 5th Grade! I am a new teacher here at Nevada City School of the Arts and I am elated to be part of this wonderful learning community. Before arriving here,  I graduated from Sonoma State University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and I recently graduated from the CalStateTEACH teacher credential program through CSU Fresno. Before pursuing a teaching career, I was employed in various outdoor education, outdoor adventure, summer camp  jobs. I find my solace in the outdoors and hope to imbue this passion into this year’s fifth-grad class.

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Devin Cormia
6th Grade Math and Science

Devin Cormia is joining NCSA as the 6th grade Math and Science teacher in the 2019-2020 school year. Devin has worked as a science educator throughout California (and a short stint in Portland, OR), leading hands-on inquiry based lessons for students ranging from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.
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Camille Hollingshead
6th Grade English Language Arts and Social Studies

My name is Camille Hollingshead. This year I’ll be teaching 6th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies at NCSA. Sixth grade is full of excitement, transition, growth, and discovery. At NCSA, you are transitioning to the Upper Campus where you will find yourself growing into a well-rounded student that is ready.

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Audra Hoyt
7th Grade Language Arts and History

This year in History we will become detectives as we uncover the mysteries of the Medieval and early modern world. Using primary sources, we will cite evidence in our historical interpretations. Through hands-on projects, simulations, discussions, and debates we will explain the rise and fall of world empires, the spread of world religions, and the increased interconnectedness of peoples and technology. In Language Arts we will express our thoughts verbally and in writing as we respond to literature, poetry, and short stories. We will conduct research in order to write essays, both factual and opinion based. Through the continued practice of the conventions of writing and vocabulary, you will become excellent authors.
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Ron Charles
8th Language Arts and History

While our 7th graders become logophiles (lovers of words) through an abundance of engaging Language Arts activities, and our 8th graders reflect carefully upon the stories of the past to make the most of their futures, my highest priority in school is the well being of our social and emotional health. In my classes, we’ll gather in circle, spend time outdoors, and work together to find ways to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone.
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Emily Ellsmore
7th/8th Science

About the class
The curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with an emphasis on environmental topics (local, regional and global) and applications of artistic skills within science. Both 7th and 8th grade will use the NGSS Integrated approach where earth science, life science, and physical science are all interconnected within the school year and investigated more deeply with each grade level.
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Lisa Lane
7th/8th Math

Hello and welcome! My name is Lisa Lane and I will be teaching 7 th /8 th grade mathematics. I am so excited to meet each of you!

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