Welcome to Teacher Coral’s 1st-grade page!

1-old-Coral-Dietz--225x300Coral has been working with children since her junior year in high school. She comes from a long line of educators and always knew that she wanted to teach. She brings to her teaching many gathered skills. Her love of sign language, good children’s literature and a deep understanding of child development all serve to enhance her classroom methods. Her ability to meet each child where they are enhances the classroom experience for the children. She focuses on each child’s assets and builds an environment of trust and safety.

Coral became involved with NCSA as a parent of two NCSA students who have since graduated from high school. She served as a volunteer in the early stages of the school. She always believed in the charter school movement. Now, as a teacher at the school, she feels privileged to work with the fine faculty, staff, and community of families that NCSA attracts.

She has served as a mentor teacher for student teachers the past three years. She continues to search for new and better ways to engage her students in their first-grade classroom experience.



First grade Helping Hands

“Remember that a child’s days aren’t just preparation for life, but that they are life”

Welcome to The First grade Helping Hands. First graders share classic children’s literature that supports our units of study. We learn SEE Sign language and sing together. The first and second graders loop for reading and math, with the first-grade teacher holding the children in literacy for two years and the 2nd-grade teacher holding the students in math. This creates an in-depth and continual flow as the students build confidence in literacy and math. Parent volunteers are important part of the students daily experience, and there are opportunities to help both during the school day and outside of school. We encourage all families to volunteer and share their gifts with the class.

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First-grade highlights:

  • two classes a week with our art specialist
  • two classes a week with our movement specialist
  • one class a week with our music specialist
  • one class a week of handwork with our art specialist

Units of study:

  •  August – Our names and who we are.
  • September – Pets   (children research, create and present a visual art piece on pet.) Field study to a local farm
  • October –Skeletons and the harvest.  Celebrating Colonial Williamsburg with our 5th grade buddies.  Looking at thankfulness and gratitude as Habits of Mind
  • November – Bats and an introduction to mammals
  • December – Birds and winter celebrations. A field study to Grey Lodge bird estuary with our 5th grade buddies
  • January – Penguins and heroes.  Field study to the Mud Hut to create penguins.
  • February – finish penguins. Start a study on mammals.  Start rehearsing for the Kindergarten and 1st grade Magnificent Mammal Night.
  • March – Mammals   (children research, create and present a visual art piece on selected mammal).  Magnificent Mammal Night performance by Kindergarten and 1st grade
  • April – Insects, spring, flowers.  Field study to the Animal Place.
  • May – Reptiles
  • June – a Look Back – how much we have grown and what we have endeavored to learn.  A celebration of us!  A trip to the Yuba River






Field Studies/Events for this class:


Pumpkin Patch $ 3
Wreath $5
Mud Hut $ 11
Class Party $ 4
Crocker Museum $ 6
Sacramento Zoo $17


Total= $46.00


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