Welcome To Becca’s Dragonfly Transitional Kindergarten Class!




Becca Bear absolutely loves teaching the Transitional Kindergarten class at NCSA. Becca is from Minnesota, where she grew up in a large family and studied graphic design at the University of Minnesota—Duluth. After earning her Masters of Science in Education at Indiana University, Becca moved to California. With a huge love for art, kids, playful learning, and the outdoors, Becca feels at home in the dynamic community and wooded campus of NCSA. Empowering young people to use their voice, discover their capabilities, and work through challenges are a few of her favorite parts of teaching. Becca places a huge emphasis on social-emotional growth and sees every child as a vibrant individual. Outside of school, she loves skiing, hiking, camping, drawing and creating. Becca is excited to play, discover, tell stories, sing songs, make art, and build community this year!



The Transitional Kindergarten year is all about developing the social-emotional skills and self-awareness of each student, so that they may enter into the Kindergarten year as self-directed and enthusiastic students. Providing the class community and experience to foster the students’ social skills and awareness, the Dragonfly students will learn how to navigate the classroom with independence and positivism. Developing the confidence and vocabulary to operate within a community, fostering a love for new knowledge, and adjusting to the routine and expectations of the classroom setting, the year is about the social growth of the child, as much as it is about the academic growth. Nonetheless, rich exposure and practice of foundational knowledge in language, math, science, and art will also be enjoyed through hands-on games, experiments, and activities. What an exciting and sweet year ahead!

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Daily Activities- To Name Just a Few:

  • Gathering
  • Songs and poems
  • Process art
  • Sensory exploration
  • Number games
  • Language games
  • Large motor/fine motor development
  • Imaginative play
  • Storytelling
  • Music, movement & art classes


Units of Study:

  • Community
  • Plants & Food
  • Family & Traditions
  • The Water Cycle
  • Water Animals
  • Building & Balance

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