Phoenix Fourth Grade class

Miss Becca Bear

Becca grew up in a large family in Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a BFA in Graphic Design. After deciding to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a teacher, she continued her education by graduating from Indiana University with an MS in Elementary Education. She student-taught in a small Norwegian town, and then set off for California. After discovering NCSA, Becca taught the Transitional Kindergarten class for her first few years of teaching. She is thrilled to take on the new role of teaching fourth grade at NCSA! Becca loves working with young people because they are so vibrant, curious, and authentic. Apart from school, Becca loves skiing, hiking, camping, baking, reading, and creating art. Becca cannot wait to learn more about you and set off on thisfourth-grade journey together! With open hearts, we will be set for success.


Most of our supplies will be shared by our class community.
The supplies you will need for fourth grade include:
• 2 spiral-bound single subject notebooks
• 1 composition book
• 2 pocket-folders
• graph paper for math (notebook or loose-leaf pack)
• lined binder paper
• 2 packs of Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
• pencil sharpener with two openings and shavings-catcher (pencil opening & larger opening for our colored pencils)
• 2 pink pearl (or similar) erasers
• 1 pack of pencil cap erasers
• glue sticks
• white board markers, both fine and regular
• tissues
• antiseptic wipes


In addition, each day you will also need:
• a great book to read during DEAR time
• a hearty lunch to fuel the journey


We will be a class of 26 students this year! Through hands-on studies, we will learn about the geography and historical events that have shaped California into the place we live today. As an arts school, we will use different mediums to explore social studies, language arts, history, science, and math. Our students are fortunate to receive additional instruction from our art specialists each week:

• General Music: 1x/week
• Choir: 1x/week
• Music Electives: 2x/week
• Art: 2x/week
• Drama: 2x/week
• Movement: 2x/week



We will study our local watershed in science, following the Yuba River from its source in the Sierras to the estuary before it flows into the bay. We will learn about water and the challenges we face in keeping it clean and sustainable in modern society. We will keep nature journals as part of our science practices. Language Arts will be woven into all that we do in fourth grade, as reading and writing are an integrated part of learning and growing! We will focus on paragraph and narrative writing skills. We will read Island of the Blue Dolphins and Frindle, along with many, many others. We will read every day! We will use the Math in Focus curriculum, and play with how math truly applies to everyday life. We encourage a growth mindset in math, as we do in all subjects! With field studies being a hands-on way of exploring and learning, we will embark on many field studies—our overnight field trip will be to Pigeon Point State Park.


Field Studies/Events for this class:


Amazing Race $ 5
Pigeon Point $ 307
Imax $ 20
Film Festival $ 3

Total= $335.00


Field Study Payment Plan Selection:

One payment in full of $335.

Plan A

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Four payments of: $84.

Plan B

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Eight payments of: $42.

Plan C

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