6th Grade Math and History

“The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.” – William Ward


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Hello and welcome to the 6th grade! I am excited to meet you all, and I look forward to a fantastic year. I have been teaching the fifth and sixth grades for the past nine years. I emphasize inquiry, collaboration, creativity, and real-world application in all of your subjects. I love to get students outdoors and designing lessons to get students practical experience with the content.


Though I will be teaching Math and History, all subjects will be thoughtfully integrated in your classroom. Students in math class will participate in a variety of games and projects designed to excite, deepen and expand a child’s understanding. Such projects may include role-playing games, strategy games, running a class business, and exercise. With an emphasis on inquiry, students will actively debate, explain, and create with each other as they deepen their understandings.


In history, students often work in project-based groups exploring the ancient world curriculum. Students will explore the ancient history of technology, art, writing, science, and mathematics, as well as the development of justice and morality across time. They will also look at the discipline of history: exploring original texts as well as archaeology. Past student projects include an exploration of technology through cooking methods: we built ovens and cooked in numerous traditional methods. In addition, we have done an archaeology of numbers unit, where students compared the development of different number systems across the world. Students ended by creating their own number systems and abacus with an alternate base.

Finally, we have several exciting field trips already planned for this year: a trip to a ropes course to begin the year and an overnight field study at Lassen National Park. I love getting students out-of-doors, so there will be plenty more to come as well!



Field Studies/Events for this class:

Yosemite $ 95
Local Plays $ 10
Crocker $ 7
NU Play $ 5
SF Trip $188

Total= $305.00


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