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Carrie-Morgan-200x300Carrie has been part of the NCSA community since 2006 when her son began kindergarten and she has taught at NCSA since 2014 . Prior to becoming a credentialed teacher, she worked for two years as an instructional assistant in first grade at NCSA with Coral Dietz.   Inspired by Coral and the faculty at NCSA, she returned to college to pursue a career in teaching.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in Forestry and Natural Resources and worked in this field for fifteen years in the mountains and streams of northern and central California.  She received her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Chico State University and soon thereafter, began teaching 1st grade at NCSA, then switched to 2nd grade the following year. Her love of nature and interest in plants, animals and the environment stays with her today and she now enjoys sharing what she loved about her outdoor experiences with her students in the classroom.

The first six weeks of school we will practice routines for how to “be” in second grade.  We will work on respect and cooperation.  I will follow many guidelines from Teaching Children to Care: Classroom Management for Ethical and Academic Growth, K-8.   I will follow three stages.  These stages are whole class learning, small group & independent work, independence and responsibility.  I want the students to feel safe, respected and encouraged to be lifelong learners.  We will create rules, have morning meetings, hold councils and slowly move into the core of the curriculum.  If we jump in quickly without training in the three stages we end up having to spend a lot of time back tracking.  So, stick with me and understand that we will move into academic groups, math groups, reading groups, no later than the sixth week of school. All of this and much more will be discussed at Back to School Night. While at Back to School Night you will also be able to sign up for volunteer jobs.

If your email address has changed or if I need to add a family member to our class list, please notify me via carrie.morgan@ncsota.org.  I have included the supply list at the top of the page.  Now and throughout the year, I will ask for whole class supplies such as tissues, Ticonderoga pencils, tape, glue sticks and such.  Please do what you can and what works for your family.

Before the school year ended, Angie Maxson, our other 2nd-grade teacher, and I started planning together.  We are so excited to partner as a second-grade teaching team, to work in classrooms side by side and to blend our students on some field trips, for recess activities, and science experiments.





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