Teacher Hannah Pierce’s 2nd Grade

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This is Miss Pierce’s first of many years with NCSA! She’s so excited to be a part of a school and community that values so many of the same things she does. Hannah received her bachelor’s degree in child development with a concentration in elementary pre-credential from Sacramento State, as well as her multiple subject teaching credential. She also holds an associate of arts degree in liberal studies with a focus in elementary education from Sierra Community College in Rocklin. She loves working with children from all backgrounds and age groups, and has worked in school settings with infants as young as six weeks old to children as old as seventh grade. She strives to create a collaborative classroom environment that uses real-world connections to teach concepts, as well as teaching through inquiry to establish a sense of curiosity between her students and the world surrounding them. Her goal is for all students to learn in a setting where all feel safe, respected, as if those around them are acting responsibly, and as if they’re being treated with the utmost kindness. She takes a personal interest in all of her students as individuals, and meets each student at their level of need. She’s very invested in watching her students grow as individuals, as well as building and maintaining a strong classroom community. Hannah is an adventurous individual who has a true love of learning and education. In her spare time, you can find her traveling to a National Park, playing with her dogs, reading, spending time with her boyfriend Zac, hiking, and gardening.





There are 22 learners in our class.

Units of Study:
Character Traits
Environmental Science
Multicultural Stories
The Lorax Play
Plant Life Cycles
Place Value
Bar Models


Enrichment Activities:
● Two classes a week with our art specialist
● Two classes a week with our movement specialist
● One class a week with our music specialist
● One class a week of handwork with our art specialist


● Singapore Math-Math in Focus
● Social Curriculum –Teaching Children to Care and Passage Works
● Mindfulness from Mindful Schools
● Handwriting Without Tears Printing Review and Cursive Practice
● Steve Spangler’s Science
● Orton-Gillingham; multi-sensory approach for explicit reading instruction


In addition to our academic studies, students will be supported as they continue to develop socially and emotionally. We work hard to nurture strong, caring, and understanding the relationships between and with our students by learning how to be mindful community members. We develop community by learning about one another through our similarities and differences. Our experiences are rich and diverse, and we celebrate that!


We will work together to create a happy, safe, respectful, responsible, and kind learning environment. During the first month of school, we will be focusing on building our classroom community and what it means to be and embody the behavior of a second grader. We will create classroom expectations, build upon and learn new routines, and get to know one another. Please be patient as we gradually and intentionally transition into our academic routine. I can’t wait to meet your learners and your families, and I am looking forward to an awesome school year!


Kind regards,
Miss Hannah Pierce




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